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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

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4 / The Fat Loss Folly. Why Fat Burning Isn’t The End.

You might be following the latest, greatest, coolest fat loss program, but you might not be doing yourself as much justice as you could be doing. Don’t get me wrong: fat is a problem. It makes our journey unique. We want to get rid of it. We need to get rid of it.

But there’s a difference between losing fat and outsmarting fat.

To understand why, you need to know that you’re essentially hardwired for fat gain. Most humans are because fat is the preferred fuel source for low intensity activity. It’s plentiful (fat has much more storage space and potential in the body than other fuel sources) and a very efficient form of energy. Oh sure it’s bad for your six-pack intentions but let’s face it: if you didn’t have fat you’d be dead. 

Us, as humans, are really governed by the energy we intake and the energy we output. If you’re sedentary, then most of the times you make use of stored energy it’s likely body fat, as crazy as it sounds. (The reason most people are fat is because the influx outweighs the efflux, but we’ll get to this later.)

You might have heard of aerobic exercise before, but when you’re lounging about your body is likely using the aerobic system. This aerobic system is most efficient at using fat, so most people that try to lose fat go out there and do types of exercise (namely aerobic) to try to burn even more fat.

This is nice and it works most of the time if you balance your energy intake correctly. You’ve probably heard that to lose weight you have to use more calories than you take in.

It’s totally possible to lose weight balancing numbers like that, but what does that do? A part of this is losing fat, yeah, but that’s like peeling the thin layer of wax off of a giant pool of melted wax. You have to respect the idea that the body is incredibly smart. Things rarely happen in one direction, and you always have to ask, “What does that mean?”

Think about how your body is working right now. It’s basically saying, “Fat is important. Give energy to fat cells if it’s there.”

When you lose fat, what’s going on that makes your body say that fat still isn’t important?


When you play a game of calories and numbers with the body, you often lose. Instead, you need to think function.

This fat flinching isn’t a haphazard thing. It’s not magic. It’s not a game of pluses and minuses. It’s going to be there until you fix it.

The goal isn’t necessarily to lose fat, the goal is to rewire the body — to stop flinching the way you’ve decided to flinch until this point. 

Think about the real flinch, not the metaphorical one we’ve been using for fat gain. Getting rid of the real flinch (if you wanted to) isn’t about giving less, it’s about changing your entire psyche.

The path in the forest to fat is already carved. We can’t uncarve it, so we have to learn how to ignore it. Better yet, we have to do that as we begin to carve another path of choice.

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