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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

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The solid base

The first step is getting to the solid base. On the exterior, this is about fat loss. On the interior, it’s oh-so much more. This is adjusting the flow of the stream while simultaneously beginning to carve out that secondary canal.

Considering we aren’t genetic wunderkinds, we have to use useful and worthy exercises for the secondary canal. We also have to adjust our supply to facilitate all of these changes. Changing a few things about life wouldn’t hurt either, specifically with self perception.


The stubborn body fat

The second step is for those that hit a snag of stubborn body fat. Stubborn body fat is what prevents faint four packs from becoming solid six packs. When your body hits this snag, it’s usually saying, “These fat cells were precious to me, and I don’t know if I’m ready to let them go.”

In most instances, the body doesn’t let them go. This is why most people tend to lose a bunch of muscle and still retain the fat at this stage when approached incorrectly. That’s why SHIELD 2.0 is a separate stage. You need to keep your head on straight if you get hung up here.



The reset

You’re at your solid base, canal carved. But times of catabolism (breakdown—fat loss) are always followed by times of anabolism (build up) because of a negative feedback loop.

Your body doesn’t like this, and it wants to return to its old self.

This anabolic time can go two ways. Those with good genetics often build a ton of muscle. You see this with American football players. A six month grueling season is followed by a few months of anabolic happy time and they get absolutely jacked.

But for us?

There’s a chance of getting fat.

You spend all that time losing and then decide it’s time to build muscle, but if it’s done haphazardly, you’re just going to return to your old ways.

With the reset, it’s all about normalizing the flow through the river while simultaneously going all-out on the canal carving. You want to make the muscles hyper receptive and pound this pathway of need into the body in order to mute the fat side of the flow.



After SHIELD, you should know that it’s best to go about building muscle without getting fat. Despite the best efforts of SHEILD 1.0 to turn the tables, it won’t do the job 100%. Only time makes that happen.

The bodybuilder bulk up will likely end badly. Your goal here is to continue to gain muscle without turning into Jabba the Hutt (as this will likely happen during SHIELD 1.0).