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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

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5 / The X Physique And Sequence

Fill the syringe with a stress, stab the syringe into your leg. Let the liquid seep into your spirit. The stress will take its toll. You want the stress to take its toll. You’ll be better off for it; you’ll come back stronger than ever afterwards.

This is stimulation. This is training.

What we subject ourselves to—assuming it respects the body’s finite ability to recover—we not only recover from, but recover beyond. So the question to ask yourself: what are you forcing your body to overcome?

Part of this is stimulating for fat loss, yeah, but you have to understand that stimulating (and supply) for fat loss is on opposite end. What you need to do is rewire in a way that’s going to put you in the right spot even though it might not be the best choice.

In other words, even though carving the second path in the forest for muscle isn’t going to be the best “fat loss” from the outskirts, it’s going to start diverting resources and put you in a best place.

This brings us to meaningful strength training.

If you thnk about a pathway, if you’re sf you have a path. Skinny guys don’t, which is why they have it easy. If we focus on fat loss, we’re focusing on that same path. What we need to do is open up the second path by good strength training. This isn’t p90x and shit. This is effortful stuff, but it’s not solely about working hard

Part of sf is body image. I know. Trust me. Part of this is doing stuff that’s going to work. Other part is doing stuf that’s going to take care of body.

This is Gironda. Recently went out.

Sometimes you hear ppl obsessing over ratios and such. Nonsesse.

You can’t sculpt tyrig to be perfec. Hunks of clay, but in the RIGHT places. And stuff that will build on in th efuture.

Since you’re here, i’ll let you in on two:

chin up and dea

not only now, but will be great in the future.




The way you stimulate and train forces your body to overcome in a unique way based upon the stimulation. Running a marathon forces different adaptations than lifting weights.

Your abs might be made in the kitchen from a far away view, but I bet on the person that stimulates correctly and has supply and soul follow in line correctly, and this is an important point because it has to be seen under the skinny-fat eye balls.

What are you stimulating for? Supplying for?

Muscle gain and fat loss are on opposite sides, usually.

This is why it’s important to respect sequence and change.