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Lesson Six: The Stress Syringe

The stress syringe


Fill the syringe with a stress, stab the syringe into your leg. Let the liquid seep into your spirit. The stress will take its toll.

You want the stress to take its toll. You’ll be better off for it; you’ll come back stronger than ever afterwards.

This is stimulation. This is being antifragile. This is training.

What we subject ourselves to—assuming it respects the body’s finite ability to recover—we not only recover from, but recover beyond. So the question to ask yourself: what are you forcing your body to overcome?

What’s in the syringe? Are you sure it’s the right stuff?

Although there is a general stress response, there is also a specific stress response. We don’t just overcome stress, we overcome specific stressors. You have a fever (general response) when you have the flu. When you overcome it, you develop somewhat of an immunity to that strain of flu, and not chicken pox, measles, or mumps (specific response).

In other words, the only reason you now have the immunity is because you sustained the stress. 

Stimulating your way to the solid base looks something like this:

  • Control the flow of the river
  • Start carving a secondary canal
  • Make sure the flow (albeit controlled) maximizes what you need to carve the canal
  • Don’t let the rest of your life mess this process up

The specifics of how we’re going to go about doing this are within the training and nutrition courses and eBooks, so here’s the telescopic view of the process based on everything we’ve talked about.

Our outright goal is fat loss, but that’s not the underlying goal. We can very well control fat loss by controlling supply and soul. I mean, you can starve yourself and lose weight but that’s not really all that enticing or effective for what we’re trying to do. We don’t want to become perma-martyrs.


The goal is to control supply in a way that facilitates no further fat storage and yet also gives the body what it needs to overcome and adapt to the stress in the syringe. The primary stress is something other than fat fueling activity. Not to ruin any punch line, but this is going to be muscularly intensive work. From there, we have to orient our body to start caring about this secondary bucket of need of muscle rejuvenation.

You can see how even if energy intake isn’t adjusted, this secondary bucket of muscle work would lead to less fat gain. The canal off the river would lead to less flow down the main stream.

Now, when you set up the mainframe according to this goal, you often gain muscle without getting fat if you’re brand new.

This is the goal of SHIELD. Within SHIELD there are three steps, and then there’s even a next step for those that have done what needs done and want a certain kind of future. Getting to the solid base is good, but it isn’t enough.

It’s all designed for those that want to build muscle (yet don’t have the best hardware for it) and those that also struggle with fat.