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In His Own Words: Johannes Dee

I used to be your classic skinny-fat ectomorph. My body composition was born from too many video games and too little physical activity—a lifestyle that also caused debilitating back pain for me as a teenager.

Despite the negatives of sitting in a computer chair, it beat the alternative: finishing last in every physical fitness test at school. Needless to say, my athleticism didn’t do me any favors in the “interested in team sports” department either.

I was called names. Teased. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t enjoy the way I looked.

At the end of 2008, I started exercising regularly. Training was usually three days per week with an hour of aerobic work thrown in. This exercise alone (without dietary considerations) helped with both weight loss and my back pain.

It got better and better until 2009. Although things climbed—I was biking to work, I could finish the physical fitness tests I once failed—they also fell. When the winter came around, I was no longer biking to work. The weather eroded my motivation, and I stopped training.

I caught fire again in March 2010. I was lucky enough to come across a friend that taught me the meat and potato barbell exercises. But like most people, I fell into the trap of “bulking.” I got thicker, but my muscles didn’t exactly come along for the ride. I

Bulking didn’t go as planned.

In 2011, I came across Anthony’s article, “11 Training Tips For the Skinny-Fat Ectomorph,” and it revolutionized how I went about training and eating. I fully bought into what Anthony preached, which turned out being a great decision because it worked.

I started looking lean and athletic. My body felt better day by day and I lost 15kg in a relatively short time period. Every exercise I did improved. My pull-ups (that Anthony put such high praise on in Skinny-Fatness, Hardgainers, and High Frequency Training) went from 3-4 reps per set to 11 reps per set.

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the things I did:

  • I started intermittent fasting.
  • I started counting calories a bit more dilligently.
  • I followed “complicated carb cycling” principles.
    • More carbs on training days
    • Less carbs on off days
  • I increased my protein intake as a whole.

(Anthony’s Note: See The Diet to End All Diets for help.)

All in all, that article, Anthony’s perspective, and Anthony’s website helped me create not only a better body, but also a better life. I look and feel better than I ever have before.


How’s that for some motivation? Got a success story of your own? Let me know about it below. Got any ways you’re using the information here? Do the same — drop it below.

And thanks for being here. I really appreciate it.


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