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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

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The Solution to Skinny-Fat Syndrome You’ve Been Searching For Is Right Here

It’s a shame…

So many people. Such good intentions.


Taking advice from guru’s and those with a body of a different world.

Here’s a hint:

Guru’s are built for success. They’re like Mozart. Some people just “got it.”

You’re like…the “she bangs” dude that was on American Idol.

Don’t worry though. I was too. (picture)

Everyone plays by different rules

Everyone has a different physique. Everyone has a different physiology. Me? I’m just like you. The name is Anthony Mychal. I run a cool little website, Backyard Athletics. Some people call me the skinny-fat savior.

I resonate with skinny-fat syndrome because I live it. I share your scars. I share your genetic and cultural hiccups.

When I was thirteen a girl told me I had boobs.

Ruined me. That’s when I realized that a body was more than an exterior shell. It stands for who you are. It symbolizes your capacity as a human.

After that insult, I felt less than human. I felt damaged. (more.)

But I stood up. I fought. And I won.

And it’s time for you to do the same. Because if I can, you can.

It’s serious: you can’t follow everyone else’s rules.

Imagine waking up, knowing you’re taking strides to get rid of this mental hang up. Imagine waking up, and loving what you look like. Imagine looking in the mirror and smirking in pride.

You have the power. You have the control. Just make the choice. Now.

Stop imagining.

You’ll be glad you did.

Here are some people that did:

What you get as a charter member.





When this “finishes,” and when the last 10% is layered on top, I’m pricing it at $97. I want you to make me proud to sell it at that price. I was you to help me refine it.

That’s why I’m offering it to charter members — 90% of the content AND access to a private Facebook coaching group — for only $57.

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