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Be Smart, Prepare For the Future

You done some good. You were smart enough to snag the charter membership for The Skinny-Fat Solution. You got access to all of the perks. All of the goodies.

But The Skinny-Fat Solution is the starting point, not the ending point. (Albeit a damn good starting point that will put you in a better place that just about anything else you’d come across. Pat yourself on the back for jumping on it.)

But after you slay the majority of your immediate skinny-fat hiccups, there are some steps that might give you some trouble. And I want to make sure you’re prepared for them.

The first is knowing how to eat to fuel muscle gains to the max while staving off fat gain. This is critical after you lean down to a solid base. And I mean critical. The last thing you want to do is make boatloads of progress, then turn into a tub-of-lard trying to gain muscle and end back up at square one.

The second is knowing how to train in the long run to add some variety to your training and continue progressing on most of your meat exercises. This is a critical skill to learn. Otherwise, the normal progression is this: stall, get frustrated, program hop, change exercises, derail all of the progress you made, and end up starting back at square one. Total regression. Don’t let it happen to you

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