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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

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We will always be handicapped by fat cells as long as they are a dominant player, so the first goal is to get rid of them as best we can. Remember though that the fat cells often want to be refilled—they stick around. The best way to get rid of them is to convince the body they are no longer needed, which follows three steps:

Get rid of their contents
Don’t fill them back up
Getting to this level without as much fat baggage is something I call the solid base. The solid base is defined by body fat. With the way most males (and skinny-fat guys) hold their body fat, it’s best seen through the eyes of the abs. If you have a four-six pack in solid overhead lighting (and flexing), you’re about where you need to be. Dropping lower looks nice and all, but will likely be unsustainable long term unless you drop that low and stay there for a long long time (but chances are you won’t be building that much muscle for said long long time) — this would be recreating your body fat set point.

Since the solid base is defined by body fat, and I consider the solid base the first step, here enters the perils of the thermogenic calorie game and the way modern “fitness” has taught us to see the body.

Fat loss naturally means turning into a cardio bunny, doing cardio, and then finishing off with more cardio—muscle stuff can wait for when the fat is gone.

You can go about this process like Miracle Mike, the chicken who managed to live without a head for a little while, or you can respect your physiology and psychology.