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4.6 / The Most Important S. Abs Aren’t Made In the Kitchen?

The entirety of S. Island is important stuff, but there’s one S. that’s arguably more important than the rest and it’s because it has the most significant impact on changing the body. 

Think of your immune system. You can supply youself with the best foods. You can be soulful to the max. But that doesn’t make you invincible.

What can make you invincible though?


It’s tough to provoke any sort of meaningful physical recreation unless you first stimulate something that needs adapted to and overcome, regardless of supply or soul. The latter two more or less facilitate the stimulation-signaling process, and so the primary job is to stimulate the right way.

When you fill the syringe with the flu and jam it into your thigh, you’re stimulating the body a certain way. Often times, the stimulation is also a breakdown in a dose you can overcome.

The question: what are you injecting? What are you making your body overcome to get better at?

Humans are remarkably able to not only handle stress, but also thrive because of stress.

Few seconds (if any) pass without your body either breaking itself down or building itself up in response to the interpreted stimuli around you. Reading one sentence or thinking one thought has the ability to turn your body into a sympathetically dominant being that breaks itself down to have energy available for immediate use.

We are shaped by these stressors, specifically what we do to overcome them.

That’s why we get fat in the first place. We stimulate for fat gain by using fat most of the time. Supply and soul simply follow suit. Supply out of whack, you gain fat.

You might have hard that abs are made in the kitchen. This takes us to supply and our energy game, but that’s not necessarily true. There’s one S. to rule them all. Understand which it is and it’s implications, and you’re well off.

Thats obviously true if you want to drop the flow down and down and down and down. But there’s another way.

Divert the flow. It might not be the most immediate strategy.

In other words, even though carving the second path in the forest for muscle isn’t going to be the best “fat loss” from the outskirts, it’s going to start diverting resources and put you in a best place.

The goal isn’t fat loss. Muscle gain. It’s to rewire the flinch away from fat and more towards muscle. Do that, everything falls into place.

From the get-go, if you aren’t training with weights and for muscle, that’s what you need to do. It’s the second path in the forest. We need to start this as we close off other. But the thing is training to body shape.