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The Solution for Skinny-Fat Syndrome

It’s hard enough for regular guys to build muscle…but for us? For skinny-fat guys? It seems impossible with the typical advice.

That’s why I don’t follow typical advice. Instead, I use my own three step system. Wanna learn more?

The Skinny-Fat Solution and SOLDIER

For a lot of normal guys, building muscle and losing fat seems impossible. But for us? For skinny-fat guys? It seems even more impossible. You know what I’m talking about if you’re one of us. 

You go with the typical muscle building recommendations, and you pork up like pig. Ehhhh. That didn’t quite work now, did it? So you think maybe you should have went with fat loss first, so you jump to that wagon. Not long after, you wither into a twig.

Lost. Frustrated. Is there justice?

Here’s some justice: your struggles are common, and there is hope . . . as long as you don’t follow “typical” advice. I have a three step system called SOLDIER that I built specifically for a skinny-fat guy that wants to lose their love handles and build some athletic lookin’ muscle. (Sorry, no Mako involved. And if you know what I’m talking about we can be friends.)

Mind you, SOLDIER was built by a skinny-guy, too. This whole philosophy helped me — a simple Dragon Ball Z loving, Goku idolizing skinny-fat kid — change my body (to the point where I’m comfortable spamming this lil’ website of mine with with half naked pictures, to boot).

I want to help you do the same. (Err, maybe not the half naked pictures bit . . . only if you want to, I guess?)

SOLDIER is designed to reboot the body inside and out and from top to bottom in a way that respects skinny-fat body function and body shape. It’s the best recipe I know of to reverse skinny-fat syndrome.

. . . but I’m getting ahead of myself, because let’s face it: there’s so much to be overwhelmed by. Which diet is best? Actually, screw “best,” is there any diet that even works? And which training program is best? Or even good enough, for that matter?

And what about being skinny-fat? Does it change anything? Is it possible that good things for others aren’t good things for you?

(I’ll give you a hint: yes.)

But if you listen to someone that’s never been skinny-fat? All of this juicy uniqueness gets shoved under the rug.

You’re probably at a point of self-loathing that you’d rather not be at. Maybe you’re ready to change yourself and build an athletic looking body that says, “This is who I am; I’m not damaged,” but you have no idea where to start. Maybe you’ve even started, and that’s why you’re here. (A lot of strategies seem to create more skinny-fatness than solve it.)

Or maybe you’re just tired of people that don’t understand you.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I had a scarring moment that involved some females and girl boob insults (sadly, the females were the ones dishing the girl boob insults to yours truly) when I was thirteen years old that sticks with me to this day. I understand what this is all about better than anyone else, which is why I’m here. This place was built to give you some of the secret sauce behind SOLDIER — how a skinny-fat guy should think about the process of losing fat and building muscle (because there are differences from others) — and also to tell you about The Skinny-Fat Solution. 

If you want to dive right in you can check out the single page for The Skinny-Fat Solution, as it’s a a condensed overview of what this is all about. But since I know it’s hard for one page to really capture what this is all about, I created a free learning course that you can take.

Regardless of what you choose, there’s something you should know first: there are no pills, powders, or promises of instant solution here. Your trust has been abused enough in the past with these things. I’ve been bent over and abused many times by these dishonest things.

That’s why what you’re reading is nothing more than an honest strategy from a guy that walked the path—a path built on nothing more than home grown hard work. If that sounds good to you, let’s start by making today better than yesterday. Pick your poison below.



Anthony Mychal Skinny Fat

Skinny Fat Solution Anthony Mychal

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First, your satisfaction is my guarantee. You may return this product if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Anytime. Anyplace. Even if my retailers refund period has expired (my retailer is ClickBank and they have a 60 day refund policy), I’ll handle it in house. Check out some testimonials, and then find out more about not risking your ass.

Anthony Mychal Skinny Fat

What Others Are Saying

Skinny Fat SolutionAnthony Mychal is one of the few people whose advice I trust implicitly, and it wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say his teaching has changed my life.

As a former skinny-fat (physically, at least!) looking to add muscle after reaching my solid base, his articles, and the TSFS / Chaos Bulk resources in particular, address my situation perfectly. He doesn’t just prescribe boilerplate sets of lifts, but also tackles the nutrition; lifestyle; and, importantly, the psychological baggage that comes with this body type.

I was lucky enough to jump on the Skinny-Fat Solution charter group membership, and being part of the Skinny Fat Solution coaching group has allowed me a privileged position where Anthony is on hand to offer advice and answer students’ specific questions and concerns. He is always exceptionally supportive, celebrating our achievements with us, without being afraid to dish out a bit of “tough love” where necessary (something I’ve benefited from on more than one occasion!).

In short, I am proud to call him my mentor, and hope to be able to do so for many years to come.

Dajve Green

skinny fat solution testimonial

Skinny Fat SolutionThe “before” pictures here were taken before I found Anthony. I was able to lose some fat with “traditional” bodybuilding methods — frequent meals, no alcohol, etc. But I spent years bulking and cutting, only to get no where. It was SO frustrating.

Enter Anthony and his abundance of Skinny-Fat information, and I was able to stay stay pretty lean, gain strength, and gain muscle. I FINALLY feel like I’m making real progress, and Anthony has BY FAR been the biggest positive influence in that regard.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more BIG thing. I was one of the biggest offenders of program hopping. There are soooo many resources out there, that are so different, and claim to be the best. I think I tried everything under the sun!
Once I adopted Anthony’s policy to stick to a program, practice the Great Eight, and gauge my progress…things started to click!

Mike Gage

skinny fat solution testimonial

Skinny Fat SolutionI used to be your classic skinny-fat ectomorph. My body composition was born from too many video games and too little physical activity—a lifestyle that also caused debilitating back pain for me as a teenager. I was called names. Teased. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t enjoy the way I looked.

At the end of 2008, I started exercising regularly. Training was usually three days per week with an hour of aerobic work thrown in. This exercise alone (without dietary considerations) helped with both weight loss and my back pain. But like most people, I fell into the trap of “bulking.” I got thicker, but my muscles didn’t exactly come along for the ride. Bulking didn’t go as planned.

In 2011, I fully bought into what Anthony preached, which turned out being a great decision because it worked. I started looking lean and athletic. My body felt better day by day and I lost 15kg in a relatively short time period. Every exercise I did improved. My pull-ups (that Anthony puts such high praise on) went from 3-4 reps per set to 11 reps per set.

All in all, Anthony’s perspective, and Anthony’s website helped me create not only a better body, but also a better life. I look and feel better than I ever have before.

Johannes Dee

skinny fat solution testimonial

Skinny Fat SolutionIt’s only a small exaggeration to say that Anthony saved my life because I really didn’t have much of one before. My entire life revolved around training. Working out was negatively impacting my life as it had put a strain on my finances (food, memberships, supplements etc.), my relationships with friends and family (go grab a pint? no way!), and my career because all my time and mental focus was being spent on this obsession.

But even with all of that sacrifice, I made very little noticeable gains. Everyone else worked out moderately, never followed any specific diet, and yet they were all in way better shape than me. I tried all of their routines but they didn’t work. I did every fad diet and internet program which just entered me into a cycle of constant failure and frustration. When I began working with personal trainers they attributed my lack of progress to not dieting strictly enough, not enough supplements, or that I was wasn’t pushing myself, or trying hard enough. Wrong.

I found that a problem with a lot of trainers is that many of them have been in shape their whole lives, and believe that those who are out of shape are lazy and make poor diet choices. If you have found your way here, chances are that this does not describe you. Most trainers don’t believe in body types, have no clue about frustration, failure, and the emotional weight of being embarrassed about your body.

What makes Anthony different from all the other trainers out there is that he can empathize with the skinny-fat ectomorph because he has walked in our shoes. He recognizes our struggle and truly understands what we are trying to achieve. His guidance has been both motivational and inspirational to me. The main thing that I think gives him an edge over everyone else is experience. He has been working with his own stubborn body his whole life. Not only has he figured it out for himself but he has helped many others in the same situation. This makes the likelihood of his methods working for you much greater as a good chunk of the guess work has been done. He acknowledges that we must train differently than the average person, and has solutions for our bodies’ stubborn nature.

I’ve learned about the mental aspect of training, which is often forgotten, and it has been beneficial not only to my training but in other areas of my life too. Our bodies react to stress, both physical and mental, in a different manor than the rest of the world. I still train hard and consistently but I never exceed what my body or my mind can take.

My results are that I am the best physical shape that I have ever been in. I have the lowest body fat percentage ever, greatest definition, increased flexibility, and increased aerobic endurance. I look great, feel great, and am comfortable with my shirt off. I train in a way that has become my lifestyle which means that it’s all uphill from here. I’ve finally found a method of training that is giving me real and noticeable results. I got my life back and I got the confidence that I always wanted.

Greg Keyes

skinny fat solution testimonial

Skinny Fat SolutionYears ago, when I started training, everything I did was more or less the exact opposite of what Anthony teaches. In the few years I had been training I only made small gains relative to how much effort, time and energy I was pumping into my workouts! Before long my skinny fat body was only ever so slightly more muscular and a hell of a lot fatter. This drove me to quit working out and just giving up.

I was out of the gym for close on 4 years and had become very overweight, very weak and very very unhappy. I decided enough was enough. Doing some research lead me to a number of websites, Anthony’s being one of them. I instantly enjoyed reading his articles and the theory made sense to me. Before too long I was pumped to get started again.

I implemented his eating style, his diet tips and his training protocols. Now, a year later, I’m down 65 lbs, about 3 times stronger then when I started, and much much happier. Anthony’s help and teachings are a huge part of what got me to where I am now, and his helpful nature was very greatly appreciated.

Anthony is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. He is a seriously knowledgeable man in this field and is more then happy to share it with everyone. Even if you have a specific question and email him looking for help, he will reply. This is something that is very rare in this industry, even for “Personal” trainers that you meet in person.

I owe so much to what he has thought me, its changed my life forever. I have no doubt that he can do the same for you.

Shane Carberry

skinny fat solution testimonial

Skinny Fat SolutionI’m not sure whether I’ll be able to fully change my body composition the way I want. But one thing I know for sure – following Anthony’s advice has changed my life! It’s much simpler, healthier and relaxed, at least in terms of training and nutrition.

I used to change workout programs and nutrition strategy every 2-3 months. I was spending hundreds of hours studying all that was available about how to lose fat and gain muscles. I always hoped that next program would be the one. It all just made me hopeless.

Anthony is not a businessmen. He’s not like most of other experts who have done big internet business in fitness. I don’t have anything against it. But this guy really wants to help people, without having any kind of financial benefit for sharing his knowledge, wisdom and advice.

As former skinny-fat ectomorph there is no better person to teach by his own experience. Besides he knows a lot about the athleticism in general. Also, very important, he is gifted to transfer his knowledge in so simple and practical way that anyone can understand and immediately apply.

Finally, I know exactly what I do and why I do that particular exercise, why I do that many sets and reps, why I eat what I eat and when I eat… It’s that simple! I just regret there was no “Anthony” some 15 years ago.

Bojan Vuina

I am excited to tell you since discovering Anthony Mychal I have found the required faith that I can reach my goals. Seeing the proof with Anthony’s transformation I now know that I too can build a more muscular body. I have been primarily on the skinny side of Skinny Fat for all my life. I am now following Anthony’s recommendations found on his blog, The Skinny Fat Solution and Chaos Bulk programs. Today I am making gains not seen after over a dozen years of lifting weights. Even after religiously following another popular skinny guy 5 x 5 program for a frustrating few years. I have learned that pull-up are vital and I need to do bicep curls in order to reach my goals. I highly endorse Anthony’s recommendations and his products.

Gary Frank

skinny fat solution testimonial

Ant’s approach to strength, conditioning and nutrition is unique in that he has taken the logic and common sense of some of the best in the game and applied his own experiences and knowledge to create systems and ideas tailored towards those of us from a genetically disadvantaged background. On a personal level, Ant’s writing and guidance has finally got my training and nutrition moving forward after years of spinning my wheels. I look better than ever before, and although I have a long way to go to reach my physique and strength goals, I know that Ant’s guidance will help get me there. His ideas just make a lot of sense, and he presents them in such a way so as to make the seemingly complex easy to understand. He is also conscientious; on many occasions I have pestered him with mundane, interesting or challenging questions, and I have always received a reply. His products deliver great value for money, and if you have a question, he will answer it. What more could you want?!

Toby Griffiths

Skinny Fat SolutionI had two big problems with my body. First, I didn’t like it. Second, I had lower back pain. Sitting in a chair all day really takes it’s toll. I thought I was helpless.

Then I found Anthony’s blog, and read The Skinny Fat Solution.
Everything that Anthony teaches with The Skinny-Fat Solution helped me so much, the exercises, the nutrition guide, and even down to the way of life that he proposes.

Now I’m not only free from back pain, but I’m also happier with my body. It’s a journey and I’m just starting, but I can already tell that it will be a sweet ride. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I only look forward to the future. There are a lot of fitness guys who teach how to train. Only a few teach how to train in a healthy manner. And not many have the empathy of Anthony.

Jorge Rodighiero

Anthony Mychal Skinny Fat

No-Ass-to-Risk Guarantee Continued

Let’s start back from the top: My No Ass-to-Risk Guarantee is in place to prevent you from being misled or mistreated from online business malpractice.

First, your satisfaction is my guarantee. You may return this product if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Anytime. Anyplace. Even if my retailers refund period has expired (my retailer is ClickBank and they have a 60 day refund policy), I’ll handle it in house. Check out some testimonials, and then find out more about not risking your ass.

Second, the training program makes use of barbell training. There is no alternative program, because I don’t compromise my stones (what I feel works best) to appease others. In order to introduce those unfamiliar, I created the “Dissecting the Great Eight,” “Perfecting the Pull-up,” and “Leveling Up the Upper Chest” guides to truly turn over everything I program. It’s fully comprehensive.

The nutrition protocol makes use of intermittent fasting, which is going for prolonged times without food. The best way to think of intermittent fasting: it’s a nutrition strategy that has you skip breakfast and eat lighter through out the day.

In regard to typical results, I always give the same disclaimer with any digital product: One of two things will happen when you buy my products. Either A: You might buy it and never use it. You might even return it because you’re too lazy to use it, read it, or value what’s inside. Or B: you’ll get it, follow through with the plan, learn something new about yourself, and see the resultant knowledge shine through with improvements in your body or life. Things with the body take hard work. If you’re willing to chip in your share you won’t be disappointed.

Anthony Mychal Skinny-Fat Solution

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